Flippy Pancake

Tap and hold to cook the pancake. Carefully time your release as your pancake flips, switches, rotates and somersaults from one pan to the next. Can you hit the target and fatten up the customers?

Rack up the high scores and play through endlessly zany situations, with plenty of new items to unlock, characters to see and locations to explore!

? Easy to start flipping pancakes with simple one-finger gameplay controls!
? Flip more than just pancakes! From waffles and donuts to mobile phones and VHS Tapes!
? So much flippy food! Fried eggs, bacon, omelette, burger, pizzas, fish, steak, toast, waffles, fish cakes, gammon, garlic bread, king prawns, pineapples, onions
? Full of eccentric personalities to feed, from Noir Detectives to Goth Girls!
? Can you make the target? Flip food from frying pan to griddle pan before timing your Final Shot right to make it into the character’s mouth!

❇️ 48MB Download Size
❇️ Supports majority of Android handsets and tablets!
❇️ Free to play
❇️ Offline Play

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