From Zero to Hero: Communist

From the creators of the ultra-popular game – From Zero to Hero!
Become a communist leader and bring light to the world of communism!

  • Begin Your life as a poor worker, gathering crops in the fields;
  • Live in a wagon and ride on a horse-drawn cart.
  • Begin your life from the bottom and plan your path to raising to a power.
  • Get contacted in multiple spheres and professions
  • Scourge intrigues and unravels conspiracies’
  • Test your dictator skills in practice
  • Repress traitors and all those who disagree with your opinion
  • Find your competitor secrets
  • Create Your army and destroy your enemies
  • Be in control of the state as long as possible and don’t die beforehand.

Overthrow the regime and establish your dictatorship! Build your party, become the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and achieve the prosperity of your dictatorship!

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